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Hydromax Coupon Code – Buy Genuine Bathmate in Best Price

If you are searching for coupon code for Bathmate Hydromax, then you have come to the right place. Perhaps you have searching for the Hydromax coupon code on the internet for a while. Unfortunately you may realize there are no more coupon box at the Bathmate official site check out page, but why still there are discount code every way? Because there are too many counterfeit Hydromax product from china now day. 

If you can find any website selling cheap bathmate (Price under $100) or giving out free enhancement pill or lubricant as a bonus gift, we are sure that is not provided by the Bathmate official site and also; there are no more coupon box to allow buyer to enter Bathmate Hydromax Coupon Codes at the check out page. But don’t be disappointed! By doing this is because the hydromax official website want to be fair to everyone.

Hydromax official website provide another way to let customer can buy Bathmate products at the best price by offering a VIP aid code to their affiliates. With this code, you can enjoy a discount deal up to $69 and able to upgrade bundle, accessories, extend warranty and free shipping.


  • Hydromax Coupon $69 offLife time membership worth $60
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  • Extended warranty to 5 years worth $50 
  • Save on bundle upgrade worth $69
  • Professional Couriers Used (worth depend on location)

Perhaps you may see another website also displaying a Vip Code to let customer save some when purchasing Bathmate with Hydromax Coupon Code. Which codes are real? Which website giving the best price and giving the real Bathmate Hydromax discount Codes?

The code is giving by the Bathmate Hydromax Official site to all the website that promoting their product. By clicking the Vip Aid Code box below, you will see the code has add in to your browser address bar like this:

Image taken from and Vip Code has already apply. - coupon code supplier

or like this:

Image taken from and Vip Code has already apply. - coupon code supplier

Different website has a different codes. You may say that this is the Bathmate Coupon Code or Hydromax Coupon Code. By using our codes you may get the best price on purchasing Bathmate Hydromax on any one of the official website with discount offers up to $69. ( Did i mention there are only two Official Website for Bathmate Hydromax?).

Noted: If you are buying from other e-commerce site or from the Bathmate Hydromax official site, you must do this product registration step before use. Go to Bathmate USA official website to ensure it is a Genuine Bathmate product. See image below.

Bathmate product registration

Bathmate product registration page

Bathmate Genuine Price Range After Apply Hydromax Coupon Code

  • Original EditionBathmate Hercules was $199 but now is selling at just $110. And if you see any place that are selling under $110, do not buy from them.
  • Hydromax Series – Bathmate Hydromax X20 to X40 selling price start from $139 to $199.
  • X-Treme Series – Bathmate Hydromax X20 Xtreme to X50 Xtreme selling price start from $249 to $399.
  • Take note on Bathmate Goliath has stop producing, do not buy Goliath if you found it selling on any other website.

Note: Beware of counterfeit Bathmate Hydromax product that may hurt your penile health

What is Bathmate

Bathmate is a revolutionary device for male penis health including enlarging the penis, it is also recognized as the No. 1 in the world. Also, regular use of Bathmate on our penis can make hard erections, long-lasting erections and enhancing sexual pleasureAlthough the product can used in air, but for best result is use with water to get the greatest enlargement result.

Bathmate Pump size

Bathmate Hercules

Maximize the penis diameter: 46 mm
Greatest growth penis length: 180 mm

Bathmate Goliath

Maximize the penis diameter: 66 mm
Maximize penis length: 250 mm

Hdromax x40

Maximize penis diameter: 56 mm
Maximize penis length: 215 mm

Hydromax x30

Maximize the penis diameter: 46 mm
Greatest growth penis length: 180 mm

How Bathmate Work?

In general, most user can grow 1-3 inches and reach 30% of the penis thickening rate. The enlargement of the penis is partly erectional and flaccid, whereas men with flaccid and small penis seem to achieve faster and more pronounced results.
You will see the results immediately on first use. But, your penis will back to normal size within a few hours. This training is not a miracle or an overnight job, it similar with weight training at gym room.
This is the same principle that you go to gym, your body has not changed at the first few time. But if you go to the gym three or four times per week, you will begin to see the physical result.
Bathmate is a penis trainer where you start to notice the differences in a few weeks. The first is the thickness and length of the penis, and the second is that the penis becomes larger when it is in a relaxed state.
As the Bathmate water pressure dredges your penis cavernous vessels causing them to swell (storing large amounts of blood). Under normal circumstances, after 1-3 months, your penis will increase from half an inch up, the more you use, the penis becomes more larger.

The difference between Bathmate and traction device?

Bathmate is a device that to use water to increase your penis tissue. Leaving it in a relaxed and elastic state that and uses water to spread its expansive force.
You can see great Bathmate results at the first time of using. It is safe, easy to use and exceptionally efficient. It recommend to used in a bathtub or shower for 15 to 20 minutes. The traction device constantly exerts a tensile force on the penis, and must be use for 6 to 12 hours a day.

Bathmate Hydromax FAQs – What You Need To Know Before Purchase Bathmate Hydro Pump

Who can use Bathmate?

Bathmate is available to everyone, but do not use if you have skin infections or skin trauma, or if you recently had surgery on your penis or groin. For more information, please contact our customer service.

What are the side effects?

Bathmate got no side effects.

How long can I use Bathmate?
Use it to your own satisfaction to achieve the desired result. We recommend using it 15 to 20 minutes daily. At the same time, doctors also recommend regular use Bathmate hydromax Pump to maintain the health of the penis.
The difference between a Bathmate and a manual exercise growing penis method?
There are many, but some penis exercises are unsafe. Try to avoid any activity that can make you feel sore.
The difference between Bathmate and enhancement pills?
Compare with penis enlargement pill, Bathmate is safer and 100% no side effect for body.
Is this pump recognized by the medical profession?
The new cells form under the conditions of sustained stimulation (traction, stress, depression). In modern medicine, this treatment is often used in skin grafts, limb extension and other cases such as Peyronies Disease.
What’s the impact of using Bathmate?
Using Bathmate not only to extend your penis. Also stimulate your penis prostate to make your libido soar and experience a better and more powerful erection.
How long can the effect last for?
The result was permanent. When you reach the length you want, you can choose to stop using or reduce the number of use. 

Benefits of Buying Bathmate Using This Hydromax Coupon Code

  • Increase your penis thickness
  • Increase your penis length
  • Increase erection
  • Improve your confidence
  • Correct curved or curved penis
  • Help you stay longer in bed
  • Expand your glans
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Money back guarantee

Is Bathmate safe?

Bathmate works well and it is the safest penis enlargement on the market today, with three main factors:
  1. First, it uses water. Water can form an easy-to-control vacuum that cushions and lubricates during erection and protects the penis from injury.
  2. Second part are the Bathmate rubber part, it does not exceed the negative pressure of 0.4 bar. With the FDA regulations, any penile pump device that use negative pressure over of 0.56 bar must have cleared and approved by FDA before selling on Europe. US and the rest of the world. Also, Bathmate has a cushion area to establish and maintain a negative pressure to prevent your penis from injured or damaging of the skin.
  3. The last reason, Bathmate is absolutely safe based on medical evidence and detailed penile studies. Otherwise, urologists from around the world will not recommend it. A urologist in New York said on the radio that Bathmate is safe to use. He also has a hanging in the bathroom and is regularly used. He also advised other men to use Bathmate to keep the penis healthy. In contrast, the use of drugs may have side effects or negative effects, not only can not increase the penis, but spend a lot of money.
Now you have enough information to make a decision. Is it safe to increase the your penis size? Yes! It is certainly safe, but only it is at the correct operated and used properly. Bathmate is to research and develop to increase the penis size. That is why Bathmate laid the “King of penis pump” reputation. 

Bathmate Obtain Honor Award at Germany Hanover Adult Exhibition 2017

 Bathmate Honor Award at Germany 2

Bathmate Honor Award at Germany 3

Bathmate Honor Award at Germany 1

Technique on How to Use Bathmate Penis Pump

Bathmate Penis pumps work on developing codora cavernosa so that more blood can be held to making the penis thicker and bigger.
There are now many kinds of penis pumps in the market especially on the internet. What is the true purpose of this penis pump? Among other things is for those with impotence and also as a tool for strengthening and enlarging penile muscles. For those who want to use this penis pump must have the complete information on how to use the penis pump. Without knowledge will result in harm to the health of your penis.

What is Vacuum Pump?

A transparent cylinders, the habit of acrylic types will be placed around the penis. At one end of the cylinder there is a hose that will be connected either to the pump or the electric pump, which will pull the air out of the cylinder.
When the air is pulling out from the cylinder, the penis is also pulled into the cylinder and leads to a cylindrical wall. A cavernous corpora, a tool that resembles a blood-filled sponge when lust and erection grows making the penis bigger.

Is Bathmate Hydromax penis pump effective? And how long can the results last for?

This depends on several factors. The time and frequency you pump, as well as the size achieved when you pump. By pumping daily, it is possible to maintain continuous additions if you can spend more time for frequent pumping. Your bigger penis will last for at least a few hours after the pump. Most men find that effect is just for a while, that is because we must use it at least 30 days. The results will be permanent after that.
Many pumps that have been using for several months or years will say getting an increase of 2 inches or more. There are many pictures and cases of people who stretch the lips, ears, neck, and for the same reason, the use of continuous penis pumps for months or years, it does help to get a larger penis.

The actual technique and method to use penis pump

Many teenagers who buy pumps only know how to pump. At last did not get any good result. Which can be painful. Afterwards the compliments that penis pumps are useless and harmful. Where not only can this penis pump keep the penis pumped. It is fun to see the long penis and the head of the penis grows big.
Here are some information that user must read and understood on how to use penis pump at the correct way.

The Use of Penis Enlargement Pump

The use of penis enlargement pump for penis enhancement is an excellent alternative. If you use it regularly and carefully the results will be great. You need to understand that the use of penis pump will facilitate the flow of blood. But seeing the penis enlargement done in a pump cylinder is a very exciting and amazing experience.
Did you know that using penis enlargement pump in the right way will increase blood circulation to penis. The use of penis pumps in penis enlargement techniques is wonderful and exciting.
When using penis pump for training. The penis state will turn out to be large and expanding, while blood flow in the penis space is known as carvenosa lancer and good. That is why most medical doctors will use penis pumps in the treatment of impotence. When the penis becomes tense, it will control blood circulation in the penis for penis tense.
The use of a good and correctly penis pump will help body fluids and blood to fill the space in each penile nerve. If you are not aware of the actual use of the penis pump, the penis will be bruise, reddened and swollen.
If the training of pumping is done, you can see the change of the size of your penis. Usually the penis will become larger. It should be noted that the size of the penis has turned out to be great because your penis has been stretched by a penis pump and causes a lot of blood accumulated in every penis space. This is what makes it bigger than usual. To maintain the penis size, you should use penis pumps at least 4 times a week.
For the start of the exercise session using penis pump, you will find out your penis will back to its original size. Do not worry, you will see the expansion by using penis pump for 1 – 3 months.

Doctors advice on how to use penis pump

  1. Do not use too high pressure until the penis is uncomfortable or painful.
  2. Do not use it more than 20 minutes. (Pumping times depends on the pump you selected, read instruction menu before use)
  3. Do a warm-up before training, just like we go to gym
  4. Start a vacuum pump session with a one-way massage and complete training with one-way massage from the base to the end of the penis for 2-3 minutes
  5. Can not be used by leukemia patients
  6. Can be used by diabetics except for patients whose wound is slowly healed
  7. Not to use when sleepiness or sleep or in the influence of alcohol.
If you follow these safety measures you will be able to get amazing results quickly and avoid the problem.

How To Choose The Right Penis Pump

Every man always wants their penis in a healthy and strong state. There are a lot of techniques for enlarging the penis. However use a scientifically proven way of using modern technology certified by a specialist. The way the doctors recommend and the experience of Bathmate user.
Difficulty Rate: Normal
Time Required: 15 – 20 minutes

Bathmate How To: 

Selection of the size of pump
Select a pump that is suit your size, safe to use and effective. This penis pump is very popular and available at Worldwide. It has also been recognized by international doctors. It acts with pulls the blood from the base of the penis to its ends. Then raise your penis easily. The effect is great if you follow the steps given well and carefully ..
Remove Public Hair
Shave it. This is a must, shaving for a better effect as there is no edible air space.
Strain (Optional if use Bathmate)
Try stretching your penis long enough to use strain or jelquing techniques. Stretch for at least 1 minute. Stretching should be performed when the penis is in flaccid state.
Warming-up is easy for Bathmate Hydromax user. Use warm water for a 5 minutes in bathtub or shower. Warm-up sessions are required if you want quick and immediate impression. This session can not be ignored. It functions as strengthening blood vessels and muscles.
Training Session
Pump it slowly. Pump up until your penis grows up. Do not pump until your penis is painful. Let your penis harden and enlarge in the Bathmate cylinder for 15 – 20 minutes.
Release Valve
If you want to end the training session. Press the release valve. Your penis will shrink. Let your penis shrink and remove from the jar. Do not force your penis out of the jar when in tense. Let it shrink down.
After remove penis from the Bathmate Hydromax cylinder. Do one-way massage from the base of the penis to the top for 2 – 3 minutes.

Bathnmate Hydromax Coupon Code Benefits

  1. Prevent impotence
  2. For durability while having sex
  3. To enlarge the penis
  4. Also treat impotence
  5. Preventive techniques of penis “Dying”
  6. Get the world best penis pump at best price
Use Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump at least once a month to prevent you from impotence. If you do as a routine for each month then your penis will be spared from impotence. This is because the pump is able to release blood and can remove the urine, concentrated blood and air in the blood vessels around the penis well. The main benefits for Bathmate that every user can enjoy that are the Bathmate Hydromax Coupon Code that giving out by the and 

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump



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