Bathmate Warranty and Safety РPrevent Of Fake Product

Bathmate Warranty and Safety – Made in UK

  • Bathmate is manufacture and managed at its own factory in UK
  • Consistently maintained production in the UK from the beginning of sales in 2005.
  • Due to the nature of the product, Bathmate will not be damage in any emergency accident such as: drop or impact. (For example, the cylinder part is designed to be able to withstand even when external pressure of 400 kg).
  • Bathmate is so robust that it does not break even if a passenger car passes over it or even if a weight of 20 kg is dropped from above 3 meters.
  • Only products that have cleared the final test are allowed to send out.
  • Products completed through strict production control within the factory are subject to quality testing by human eyes and various digital instruments.
  • In the pressure test, robustness is confirmed by adding 3 times the pressure to the cylinder during normal use.
  • In the loading and unloading test, mounting and dismounting of more than 100,000 times are perform, and durability is confirm.

Warranty system

  • Breakdown within 1 year from purchase will be replace and it is free of charge.
  • Yet, literally or in the unlikely event that it fails within one year from the purchase. Bathmate official will changing the corresponding parts free of charge.
  • Product warranty number is need for warranty
  • For genuine products, stickers with product lot numbers are affix in the product package and instruction manual.
  • When repairing during the warranty period, it is necessary to submit the product lot number, so please keep it carefully after purchase.

Attention to copied products

  • Coarse copies that made in China are on sale
  • Copies that made in China are circulating the destiny of global best sellers.
  • Copy goods are both durable and functional, so bad that they can not be compare with Bathmate genuine product, so it can not be use properly. And also that the cylinder may damage and injured user penis.
  • Bathmate products are set for selling prices in various countries around the world, 99% being fake items sold at cheap prices in auctions.
  • To avoid wasting your precious money and time, please purchase genuine Bathmate Hydromax at the Official Website through the link we provide.
  • Britain’s genuine Bathmate scale it has a PID code at the cylinder (A full range of bathmate pumps also have PID), it use for British official website verification to validation it is genuine Bathmate product. We must pay attention to when buying, so as not to be cheated. Fake bathmate quality is rough, the pressure is not stable, the material is not good, which leads to a lot of problems, such as not being able to complete the exercise, feel uncomfortable to use.

Bathmate PID Code - Genuine Bathmate

Bathmate has a numbers of awards

  • Awards for adult-related products around the world
  • Since Bathmate launch in 2005, it has over 12 years history and has won various awards related to adult products.
  • As of 2017, the number of countries sold is over 90 countries.
  • Bathmates Hydromax are the best brands in penis enhancement pump.

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